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All advertisement material sent must be legal. Acceptance of the advertisement for placing in this website will be at the discretion of the website management. The advertisement material is subject to editing and classification at the discretion of the website management. While the advertisement is published in good faith, it may be borne in mind that the website does not accept responsibility for the accuracy or otherwise of any advertisement or message put up on the website under any circumstances nor is any kind of warranty expressed or implied. The website specifically disclaims all and any liability to advertisers, readers visitors and users of any kind for loss or damage of any nature whatsoever and however arising, whether due to accuracy, error, omission or any other cause and whether on the part of or any other person.

Note of caution

  •  When someone wants to come and view your item for sale, it is wise to agree to a convenient time and take the buyer’s phone number in case you need to re-confirm or cancel the appointment.
  •  Most private advertisers sell their goods from home. To ensure personal ease and safety, buyers, have a friend with you and sellers, make sure you are not alone in the house when the buyer visits.
  •  When a buyer comes to view your goods at home, make sure you do not leave valuables lying around.
  •  When it comes to exchanging money, be careful. You could request for the cheque to clear before you part with your goods, and offer a receipt as proof of purchase.
  •  Don’t waste people’s time. If you can’t keep on appointment, phone to say so.

Visitors of this website are recommended to make appropriate enquiries and seek appropriate advice before sending money, incurring any expenses, acting on recommendation or entering into any commitment in relation to any advertisement published in this website. does not vouch for any claims made by the advertisers of products or services. The owners of the website shall not be held liable for any consequences in the event of such claims not being honoured by advertisers.

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