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Quote for the Day..

  • “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”

The biggest gift that can be given to a child is education, true education. Education in its pristine form. Teaching a child merely how to write and read is not education. Education means the ability to think, ponder over and take the right decision. Education means growing up as a right thinking person, without taking extreme sides of issues. It is a balance to be struck between conflicting views, a balanced view which will take all factors into consideration before a decision is made.

Education is refinement of the soul. A refined soul will reflect a balanced, composed mind and a right thought process.

We should remember that nobody is born without a special talent/ability. Each one of us has some skill inherent in us. Identifying that skill or talent is what matters. This can be done by the student himself/herself with the aid of a wise teacher or parent. This can be identified by the preceptor himself/herself as he/she observes the student. This can also be identified by an intelligent parent.

Talent recognition before the end of 10th Standard

Talent/skill of a child should be identified by the end of 10th standard. Because, only then he/she can choose the area/branch of studies that they are interested in. Making such a clear choice will enable them to choose the relevant group that they can take up in their Higher Secondary Course. This in turn, will lay a foundation for their tertiary education at college. The area/branch of studies can be a broad spectrum during the tenth standard. The area can be,

  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Commerce
  • Management
  • Law
  • Humanities (Languages, Social Studies)


If the Child is good in technical subjects like Maths, Physics & Chemistry, then he/she can confidently take up a group/course that offers Maths, Physics, Chemistry; with optional subjects like Computer Science, Biology. The choice is simple. These groups are common and available in almost every school.


Medicine group does not necessarily mean studying to be a Physician/Doctor. There are para medical courses too which result in finding employment in positions that are in high demand these days – like Dental Surgeons, Optometrists, Physiotherapists, Nursing, Pharmacists, Medical Laboratory Technicians, Sanitary Inspectors, Sports Medicine, Immunology, Forensic Physiology & sciences, Nutrition, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Mobility Science, Hospital Administration, Hearing, Language & Speech, Prosthetics & Orthotics, Nuclear Medicine, Vitreo-Retinal Surgery, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry and Radiation Medicine.

All these courses require +2 with Physics, Chemistry, Biology without Mathematics.

Commerce & Management

If the child is not inclined to Mathematics or Science, then this is one of the best options. Commerce has many career options like – Chartered Accountant, Corporate Secretaryship, Chartered Financial Analyst, Financial Analyst, Marketing, Banking, General Management and Economist.


If the child does not find any of the above courses/career options suitable, then he/she can consider Legal Studies. Legal Studies as a group exists but offered only in select schools located in Chennai and prominent cities. Of course, one can go for a Law related course even after doing +2 in any other groups too. Law at UG degree level is being offered in quality private universities like SASTRA also, which are high in quality.


After 10th, there are a few courses which do not have maths, science or commerce but only languages and social studies. These are for students who find the traditional courses either difficult or uninteresting. Again, these +2 groups (courses) are available only in select schools based in a few cities like Chennai. Degrees in Humanities can be opted even after completing +2 with the traditional groups mentioned above. So unless the child wishes to avoid Maths & Science completely, these specific groups are not of special use.

Once the 10th standard he's over and the child makes his or her choice regarding the courses he or she apps for in plus one and plus two the career of the child is morals PicsArt after plus one and plus two even though there are a plethora of courses to choose from it may be noted that the child who has chosen maths physics chemistry and Science is eligible for most of the courses in college now the choice of the course to pursue at the degree level is the most important one the childhood consider his own talent his own skill and the prospects of employment before choosing a course engineering medicine commerce management and other choices exist the choice should be based Upon the interest level of the student 8 chart showing various courses available to the student at the degree level is given below you can see that there are so many courses today education has narrow down a lot to the extent that specialisations are available in every area so the student is able to make a very clear choice of what he wants to study choosing the course of study he is as important has chosen the college of study with multiplication of colleges it becomes imperative to choose the right college for the right course the name of a college the popularity of a college counts very much we should remember that the Institutions name will also decide When a student NGOs for employment so the course and the college should be chosen carefully has the interpreter of the student depends on this.

Donate a book scheme according to this thing anyone from any part of the world can donate a book for a material to the school where they studied. The Alma matter is always dear to one's heart there is no single soul who does not relate to his or her almamater. We can never forget the days we spent at school childhood memories will stay on forever the friends. We had at school the teachers the very School they are part of our integral memory it is our school that shaped the lives whatever position we are now in. We can never forget our roots does our dear almamater he is always special. We all have a Desire to give back something to our school or at least contribute something to our school beat in any form here is a unique scheme which helps you give back something to your school in some form or the other

Nobody can retreat more the importance of books or reading reading is the second best method to crash the language. Hence reading helps us to improve our language unconsciously. Today schools find it difficult especially schools in Neyveli find it difficult to procure quality books for the reading benefit of students. Students in Neyveli are aware of the Global opportunities available to them today all over the world and a good command of English is very much needed for these students. The students can get a command of English by reading quality books so it is a great service on our part the provider books for students. To read today donating a book has never been so easy with the advent of online stores like amazon.com, Flipkart and other such popular websites all you have to do is go to one of the online stores. The links for which have been provided here select a book which you think will be useful for the students and send the book to your school after making the necessary payment, and the school gets the book your donated in 324 days and the book is ready for anyone to read. So it cannot get more simpler can it you can donate a book or any other material you think will be of use to the school buy a couple of clicks you are satisfied the school is happy and the student is benefited come on donate TOI almamater let the donation of a book or the material be a simple one without high cost involved.

You can donate a book ranging from hundred to 500 rupees once a year or twice a year frequency does not matter so come on do it for your almamater.

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